League of Legends has 157 champions, each with their own role and unique set of abilities. But while every champ is viable in one way or another in Summoner’s Rift, some, depending on the patch and meta, stand out above the others.

From the top lane to support, we delved into the champions with the highest win rates for every role in League’s Patch 11.23. The data provided can be found on League stats site u.gg, a comprehensive look at every champion, their win rate, and role.

For this article we specifically looked at Platinum and above in ranked Summoner’s Rift, representing the top proportion of players from every region.

Top lane: Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo has the highest win rate in the top lane in Patch 11.23. At a 53.83 percent win, the big and buff champion beats out Tahm Kench (52.96 percent), Shen (52.89), and Quin (52.89 percent).

Jungle: Nunu

Nunu has the highest win rate in the jungle by the slimmest of margins. At 53.10 percent with a 1.6 percent ban ratio in Patch 11.23, according to u.gg, the champion surpasses Trundle (52.89 percent) and Warwick (52.88 percent).

Mid lane: Viktor

Since appearing in Arcane, the Netflix series inspired by League of Legends, Viktor has shot up the standings. The champion has a 52.96 percent win rate and an astonishing 13.3 ban rate.

Bot lane: Vayne

Vayne tops the AD carry position with a 53.51 percent win rate and a 21.4 percent ban rate. She surpasses Karthus (53.36 percent), Swain (52.42 percent), and Veigar (52.40). She also beats out traditional ADCs like Kog’Maw (52.02 percent) and Ashe (51.06 percent).

Support: Sona

Sona continues to reign supreme in Patch 11.23. With a 53.72 percent win rate, the champion is the best of the best in the support position. Soraka sits close behind her with a 53.49 percent win.

Images via Riot Games

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