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The sole North American team at the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) M3 World Championship, BTK, have advanced to the upper bracket of the playoffs, defeating SeeYouSoon in their third and final match of the day to finish second in Group C.

After a disheartening loss to EVOS SG, BTK seemed to have learned from their mistakes and switched their strategy for the draft. With FwydChickn on Beatrix and MobaZane on Balmond, BTK showed that they weren’t afraid of making changes for the win. 

The starting of the match wasn’t in BTK’s favor, though. SeeYouSoon earned the first blood just 30 seconds into the game, where BOXI took out FwydChickn in the gold lane to put the team ahead. 

Both teams traded kills and were really aggressive in the early game. BTK seemed to have the better map control, however, securing the first two turtles, and also the third one later.

The mid-game was when BTK started to dominate. With great coordination and decisive plays, the team started picking up kill after kill to put them ahead as the match approached the late game. BTK were completely in control, pushing SeeYouSoon on the back foot. MobaZane dominated with his Balmond and even pulled off a triple kill when stuck in a one vs. four situation. 

BTK shattered SeeYouSoon’s base in under 13 minutes to secure second place in the group stage, behind home team EVOS SG. They will now face the Filipino champions, Blacklist International, in the playoffs on Dec. 11 at 12am CT.

Screengrab via MOONTON

Unsurprisingly, MobaZane was adjourned as the MVP of the match. On Balmond, the player contributed to 70 percent of the team kills while picking up eight of his own. This was his second MVP of the day after he secured the award in BTK’s first match against NAVI as well. 

Screengrab via MOONTON

BTK will now head into the playoffs with a victory. They will face Blacklist International, who are one of the favorites to win the M3 World Championship. If they manage to beat them, it will be one of the biggest upsets of the championship. In case of a loss, BTK will have the cushion of falling into the lower bracket.

The M3 World Championship is taking place at the Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Center from Dec. 6 to 19.