Square Enix performed an emergency maintenance on all Final Fantasy XIV servers last night after blocking the login queue yesterday, to try and curb disconnection bugs that kick players out of the game or login queue.

The maintenance was scheduled to start at 6am CT and to end at 10am CT, but the servers went back up earlier than expected.

Since the release of the latest expansion Endwalker on Dec. 3, the servers have been experiencing technical difficulties and overloads due to the number of simultaneous connections from new and returning players eager to test out the new content.

The main issue, however, is that players who wait for hours to enter in full servers are sometimes disconnected, losing their spot and being forced to restart the whole process from the start.

For this reason, many fans who are only able to play during busy hours, such as during the evenings and weekends, have not been able to play much or at all.

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While the most common issues such as Error 4004, 2002, 3001 and game crashes, will supposedly appear fewer times thanks to the general maintenance, there will still be server related issues.

“Due to the complexity of the conditions of occurrence itself, it is possible that we have not yet addressed more specific conditions, but we will implement the fixes and continue to monitor the situation,” the developer said yesterday about error 4004, which disconnects the players when they reach the first spot in login queue.

To compensate the players for server congestion that prevents them from enjoying the full Endwalker experience, Square Enix has gifted a seven-day game time card to all subscribed players. This duration could get extended if the issues persist over the next weeks, however.