Teleport could be getting a new look in 2022.

The summoner spell, which has become a staple of the top and mid lane in recent years, could be receiving a substantial nerf, restricting it to allied structures for the first 14 minutes of the game. 

“After channeling for four seconds, teleports your champion to target allied structure,” the spell reads on the League of Legends public test environment (PBE). “Upgrades to Unleashed Teleport at 14 minutes.”

“Unleashed Teleport” is the regular version of Teleport that players are accustomed to on Summoner’s Rift, which can currently be channeled on allied structures, minions, wards, traps, and Zac’s passive bloblets.

Image via League of Legends

The nerf, if it sees the light of day in the 2022 preseason, could have a lasting impact on the meta.

It prevents champions, top laners in particular, from punishing the bot lane in the early game, giving players more room to breathe. It also puts a stop to early skirmishes, slowing down the overall pace of the game. In turn, the nerf could end up forcing top laners to farm for the first 14 minutes, leaving little room for creativity.

This change is tentative, however, and could easily be reverted before the next patch hits the live servers in two weeks’ time. Patch 11.25 is scheduled for Dec. 22.

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