The VCT Champions Collection has already been a rousing success for Riot Games and players at the event—and there’s still more to come.

For VALORANT’s first global competition, Riot created a skin collection to celebrate the event. Half of the proceeds will go to the teams participating in VCT Champions, which amounts to an eye-watering “more than $7.5 million.”

Through your support the Champions Collection has raised more than $7.5M for qualified Champions teams!

You can continue to support participating teams until the Champions Collection leaves the store on December 13.

— VALORANT Champions Tour (@ValorantEsports) December 8, 2021

The 16 teams competing at the event have their eyes on the title of VALORANT World Champions, but also on the highest prize pool for a VALORANT competition. Before this, the highest prize pool was the $700,000 awarded at the Stage Three Masters in Berlin, where Gambit Esports took home $225,000. VCT Champions will have a base prize pool of one million dollars, plus half of the proceeds from the sale of the Champions bundle, which is still climbing.

VALORANT players can purchase the in-game skins and other items until Dec.13, one day after the Finals conclude, and the first global VALORANT champion is crowned.

The Champions Vandal is one of their “most ambitious skins to date,” according to Riot, with several features inspired by the global competition. Unique features include the coveted “Champions Aura, a glow that appears on the skin when scoring a kill.” Like other VALORANT skins, the Champions collection has a unique finisher that will immerse the players in the world of the music video “Die For You,” the official song of the competition.