With 157 champions in League of Legends, where each one of them has a unique set of abilities, it’s not hard to get some unexpected interactions from time to time—and even Piltover’s finest isn’t immune from faulty equipment.

A highlight clip showcases how Vi’s ultimate, Cease and Desist, can get stuck when combined with Mordekaiser.

The clip begins with the enemy Gnar bravely approaching Vi and her allies, Mordekaiser and Lucian. The Missing Link tried his best to catch the marksman, but Lucian’s friends came to the rescue. In order to stop Gnar, Vi tried using her Cease and Desist (R) on the champion, but couldn’t finish casting the ability—because of Mordekaiser and his ultimate.

Since Realm of Death (R) was used on Gnar before he was knocked up by Vi, the Piltover Enforcer ended up being stuck in the animation of approaching the targeted enemy, whilst Gnar was fighting Mordekaiser in another dimension.

The Mordekaiser player was strong enough to single-handedly eliminate Gnar, thus releasing Vi from the bugged animation. But, her ultimate ability ended up being on cooldown nevertheless, which means it was somewhat wasted.

It’s possible that this interaction will be fixed in one of League‘s patches somewhere in the nearest months. Vi players will surely look forward to any possible fixes so that the Enforcer’s next arrest goes much more smoothly.

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