Pokémon UNITE just got arguably its biggest patch ever, with impactful balance changes for a number of Pokémon on its playable roster, new Ranked Mode progression reworks, and a handful of updates to the base gameplay—all of which will change how millions of users play the game. 

Players have gotten used to big balance changes in the past, but version is the first time TiMi Studio has widely changed the level requirements for multiple moves and evolutions for playable Pokémon. 

Gardevoir, Garchomp, and Mamoswine are each strong Pokémon in their own right, but they all require players to play at somewhat of a disadvantage due to how much farming is required to get them to evolve and match some of the more early-game focused Pokémon. This has now been mitigated slightly, as all three Pokémon now evolve one level earlier at each stage and will learn moves faster. 

Making this change will let players use these late-game Pokémon more freely without being overly punished for falling behind early. 

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Snorlax was also lumped into those level changes, which should lead to the bulky Normal-type being used more frequently since it will be able to be more helpful earlier in each match. 

Not only did those Pokémon receive ground-up reworks, but the developers also changed how the basic mechanics of the game worked in relation to the general maps, starting with scoring. 

On all maps across UNITE, players will now recover less HP when they score a goal. This will make it so scoring a goal using oppressive abilities or a Score Shield won’t necessarily keep the other team from pushing attackers back or knocking them out because their survivability is lowered. 

On the main stage for most matches in the game, Remoat Stadium, Aeos Energy dropped from KO’d Pokémon has been reduced. And, recover and Shield effects for both the Base and Middle Goals have been strengthened, meaning it will be much harder to simply push in, KO opponents, and continue to score freely. 

Additionally, Sitrus Berries are now a timed feature on the map and will disappear after the five-minute mark, giving a team that has yet to break the first goal on their opponent’s side of the map a slight reprieve in knowing that their opponent’s don’t have an instant HP recovery option while defending. 

All of these map changes should make most players play lanes a bit safer, knowing that they won’t be able to push in their opponent’s as easily or fall back on Sitrus Berries for over-extending in the pre-Zapdos phases of the late game. 

TiMi also made some distinct changes to how the ranked progression system for UNITE works with two key changes that affect all players, but will especially be useful for those already in or looking to climb to Master Rank. You can read more about those changes here

It is unlikely the developers will release another massive update like this anytime soon, as version is the groundwork for not only Tsareena being added to the game but also Dragonite’s arrival and the upcoming Holiday Festivities event, which begins on Dec. 15.