The farm journey doesn’t end when the players reach the new maximum level in Final Fantasy XIV, which was raised from 80 to 90 in the expansion Endwalker.

After that, you’ll want to earn the best gear possible, called BiS (best-in-slot), to maximize your chances in case you want to test out the high-end content in the game.

Here is the best gear you get can on your combat jobs after patch 6.0, which raised the level cap.

Best-in-Slot gear for level 90 in Final Fantasy XIV and how to get it

Highest item levels in patch 6.0

The maximum item level introduced with patch 6.0 is 580, but not all pieces of gear of this level are available. Here is the maximum item level for all gear pieces at the moment:

  • Weapon: 580, second Extreme trial loot or totems
  • Accessories: 580, first Extreme trial loot or totems
  • All other gear pieces (body, legs, etc.) and second ring: 570, using Tomestones of Aphorism

Since not much gear was introduced with Endwalker, knowing the best gear set to equip is simple. In addition, crafters don’t have recipes for level 90 gear yet, so the players can’t just buy it on the market board, contrary to the Neo-Ishgardian set in Shadowbringers, for example.

Fastest way to earn level 90 gear

Depending on what you prefer, there are two solutions: if you don’t like high-end content, then you might not want to get the iLvl 580 gear. In that situation, just get all your sets from Tomestones of Aphorism.

If you’re willing to complete high-end content, you can get most of the accessories through the first Extreme trial (ears, neck, wrists, one ring) and the weapon through the second Extreme trial.

Although the items only have a slight chance of spawning in the duties, you’ll earn one totem per completion and you can trade 10 totems for your Weapon, and five totems for each accessory at Radz-at-Han’s Bazaar. But if you plan to get the mounts from the trials, it’s best to keep your totems (99 are needed for them) and hope to get the items you want while farming. If you haven’t already, here is a guide on how to unlock those duties.

The Tomestones of Aphorism, on the other hand, can be used for the rest of your gear. They are all iLvl 570 and form the Moonward Set. They are traded in Radz-at-Han’s Bazaar (X: 10.7, Y: 10.2) and earned through various level 90 activities. Here is a guide to know the fastest ways to get them.

What about materia?

Materia are stats enhancements that can be melded into your gear. Each piece of gear features a determined number of materia slots. They are earned by completing main scenario quests, can be bought on the Market Board, or traded using certain types of cluster. When you level up, the tier of materia you can meld into your gear gradually increases.

Endwalker introduced two new levels of materia, IX and X, for level 90 jobs. It’s not recommended, however, to spend those right away. Since they are not easy to get in large quantities and you’ll likely change your gear next month or later, it can be a good idea and cheaper option to meld VII and VIII materia, earned via Shadowbringers content.

As for the best materia depending on your job, it all depends on your style. In addition, since job changes have recently introduced a new meta in Endwalker, and Savage raids have yet to be released, there is still much uncertainty on what materia is the absolute best for each class.

If you play a job that uses mana and you often run out of it, then take Piety materia. Otherwise, Critical Hit, Determination and Direct Hit are always reliable choices, even for healing and tanking jobs.