There are over a hundred mounts to choose from and unlock in Square Enix’s MMO Final Fantasy XIV, and the latest expansion Endwalker introduced more of them in early December.

Some of them require time, or can be claimed by simply enjoying all the content the game has to offer, but others are more difficult to earn. The Lynx Of Divine Light and Darkness belong to the latter category, since their unlocks require both time and effort.

The Lynx of Divine Light features white and light blue colors. “Its radiant wings call to mind the majesty of Hydaelyn, the will and protector of the star, but the origins of this familiar are shrouded in divine Light,” its official description reads. The Lynx of Divine Darkness, on the other side, is black, reminiscent of “Zodiark, eldest and mightiest of primals.”

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Those two mounts also have unique mounting music. To listen to them when you use the mounts, you have to enable the option in system configuration, however.

Here is how to unlock the Lynx Of Divine Light and Darkness mounts.

How to get Lynx Of Divine Light and Darkness mounts in FFXIV

The method to unlock both mounts is the same: loot them in Extreme trials. In FFXIV, every Extreme trial features its own mount, whose design is inspired by the boss you have to defeat. The Lynxes mirror the bosses of the Extreme Trials, the gods Zodiark and Hydaelyn.

Similar to the previous expansions, the Extreme trial mounts have a slight chance of appearing as loot after winning the trial. The probabilities are very low, however, so they also can be traded for 99 totems from the trial.

Every time you defeat the boss in Extreme difficulty, you’ll earn one totem, which means that you might need to win the trials a maximum of 99 times to get each one. Considering the Zodiark and Hydaelyn trials are at the max level in Endwalker, it’ll likely take over 10 minutes to complete the trial in average, so it could take you over 15 hours to get it.

Fortunately, it’s possible to either wait for the next expansion to be able to complete it faster unsynced with the level capped. You can also pace yourself, completing them a few times a week consistently with friends or fellow free company members to not get bored by the grind. If you haven’t already, here is a guide on how to unlock both Extreme trials.