Final Fantasy XIV‘s latest expansion Endwalker brought a new story and new worlds to discover for players Dec. 7.

Through the journey that will end the narrative arc that began with A Ream Reborn in 2013, players will also meet new characters from distant lands. The lost civilization of Wee Ea is probably among the most memorable encounters the players will make in the expansion. And there is no better way to cherish that part of the main scenario’s memory than carrying a shrunken Wee Ea minion with you.

The minion can pop out its head from its body and follow you around. “Summon your wee Ea minion. Proof that you don’t need to be big to think big,” its official description reads.

Here is how to unlock the Wee Ea minion.

Screengrab via Square Enix

The Wee Ea minion isn’t the hardest to unlock in FFXIV, but it’ll take some time. It’s sold by the Gemstone Trader in Ultima Thule (X: 30, Y: 28) for 500 Bicolor Gemstones.

They are earned by completing FATEs. It’s not hard to earn many of them, and you might even have them capped on your inventory without noticing. You can see how many Gemstones you have by opening the Travel tab and selecting “Shared FATEs.” The amount you have will be displayed in the top-right corner of the window. You can’t hold more than 1,000 Bicolor Gemstones, so always keep track of that number to not waste any rewards when completing FATEs.

There is one more requirement, however. You must reach Shared FATEs rank three in that map to unlock the minion in the Gemstone Trader. To reach that rank, you’ll have to complete 67 FATEs in the area—one to rank one, six to rank two, and 60 to rank three. Only those that you complete with a gold medal will count towards your progress. To earn a gold medal, you need to contribute to a significant amount of progress during the FATEs (at least 50 percent on average). Then, you’ll be able to buy the minion in the Gemstone Trader.

FATEs are a great way to earn XP as well, especially in busy maps where there’s a high chance other players will help you complete the FATEs. To make the most out of this farm, use a job between level 86 and 89 to complete them.