Of all mounts in Final Fantasy XIV, the Dreadnought might be soon one of the rarest. It has yet to be introduced in the game, but it will become available in one of the next patches coming after 6.0.

It was officially revealed as the mount that will be rewarded to players who have reached top 100 in the Feast‘s season 20, from all Data Centers. Since there are eight regions, only 800 players in the game will be able to unlock the mount.

Unfortunately for players looking to get the Dreadnought mount, the season has already ended with the release of Endwalker earlier in December. This means they won’t be able to fulfill the requirement to try and get the mount now.

It’s possible, however, that the item will be rewarded in a future season of the Feast, the competitive mode of FFXIV in PvP. Keep track of the news about the PvP modes to know the rewards of each season and see if they’re worth the try.

A new PvP mode called Crystal Conflict will be soon introduced into the game, so the developer shows it still aims to grow this aspect of the game and continue to add more content and rewards for the players to enjoy in PvP.

Image via Square Enix

With a fitting name, the Dreadnought mount looks like a monster from a horror game like Silent Hill. It’ll be designed after the boss in FFXIV, but it’s still unclear what it will look like precisely outside of the image teaser, especially considering how massive the boss is.

More information on the mount’s features will likely be revealed closer to its release.