Over eight years after its release, Final Fantasy XIV keeps receiving more content with the launch of the latest expansion, Endwalker, in December 2021.

Similar to the previous expansions, new characters you meet in the main scenario will be available in one way or another after the story’s ending, taking the form of mounts or minions. Optimus Omicron is one of them.

The minion is described as “a test prototype” created by the Omicrons, which “never reached the mass production stage.” It’s an accurate miniature version of the war machines you’ll meet in Endwalker‘s last map.

Here is how to unlock the Optimus Omicron minion on Final Fantasy XIV.

How to get Optimus Omicron minion on FFXIV

The Optimus Omicron minion can either be bought or earned. It’s a random loot from the level 90 dungeon “The Stigma Dreamscape.”

The dungeon isn’t part of the main scenario, so you might not have unlocked it despite completing Endwalker‘s MSQ. The dungeon is locked behind the quest “Where No Loporrit Has Gone Before,” which unlocks after completing the story in Old Sharlayan.

You’ll have to speak to the Loporrit with the blue sidequest sign and progress through the quest in Ultima Thule to unlock it.

The minion can also be bought on the Market Board. The price fluctuates over time and depends on the servers. A few days after its release, it’s already become one of the least expensive minions from Endwalker you can buy, though.