Nintendo is planning to bring more development resources to avoid the need for project outsourcing. This will be done through two moves to add more office space near its current headquarters in Kyoto. 

According to Japanese business publication Nikkei, this expansion plan is already in action as Nintendo plans to build an entirely new office building on the grounds of its old headquarters, where the current Nintendo Kyoto Research Center and several smaller teams work. 

This news comes after Nintendo announced it would spend roughly $880 million to expand its internal game development abilities following the continued success of the Nintendo Switch and its software. 

In addition to this move, Nintendo will also be renting out the sixth and seventh floors of the Kyoto City Water and Sewerage Works Bureau building, which is located directly next to the company’s current HQ. This will be used to house additional development resources starting in May 2022, giving Nintendo a stop-gap location nearby while it begins its internal expansion efforts. 

Nikkei also reports that Nintendo will benefit from Kyoto City’s Corporate Location Promotion System, which will give Nintendo cover up to $1.4 million in operation costs based on how many employees the company brings in as part of this expansion. 

Nintendo has been focused on improving its internal operations for several years now, centralizing its development teams and partners in one location. This is just the next step in the company’s strategy to expand and take on more work without needing to outsource for projects.