Fortnite Chapter Three has been full of surprises, such as Spider-Man swinging off the Daily Bugle, new collaborations, and a new map to explore. There’s also a new sliding mechanic in the game, which allows players to move around ledges more quickly than usual.

Apart from all the shiny additions, many old exotic weapons have also returned to the game. This exclusive tier gives players extra options to get stronger weapons or items with added effects. Players can purchase these exotics from NPCs located around the map, who sell them for gold.

With the introduction of tents in Fortnite, investing in these exotic weapons makes more sense than before. Players can buy these weapons and store them safely before they run out of ammo or stash the guns at the end of a match to bring them to another game. Earlier, players used to save gold for a particular weapon and lost the exotic as they were eliminated.

Here are all the locations for these exotic weapons/items in Fortnite Chapter Three.

Marksman Six Shooter

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Marksman Six Shooter has two firing modes, and it is a very versatile choice for players. The firing modes help deal with close-range and long-range enemies. The exotic weapon is available to purchase with 400 gold and is present in two different locations. 

Players can head towards the big pink house to the north of Camp Cuddle to find the Cuddle Team Leader NPC roaming on the ground floor of that building. Mancake, located in the Butter Barn, sells the same exotic weapon. Players can find this location in the southwest direction of Rocky Reels.

Hop Rock Dualies

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Hop Rock Dualies are dual pistols that provide a hop rock effect upon firing them. As a result, players can eliminate foes and run away or reposition during a fight. 

Players can purchase the exotic weapon from The Scientist standing near The Sanctuary. The Hop Rock Dualies cost 500 gold.

The Dub

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Dub shotgun is very lethal at close range. It is one of the weapons that work as a double-barrel shotgun, but it also has the knockback effect of the Flintknock pistol. It can be used as a mobility weapon and shreds enemies when landing its shots perfectly.

The exotic weapon is sold by Bunker Jonesy NPC, who usually stands at the side of a small caravan near a pond at the south of the Joneses. The cost of the weapon is 600 gold.

The Boom Sniper Rifle

Screengrab via Epic Games

The Boom Sniper is a bit different from the usual snipers in the game. The weapon acts like a heavy sniper but stores five bullets in its chamber instead of one. It shoots a clinger with each of its shots, which is excellent at damaging the enemy and destroying the builds around them.

Lt. John Llama NPC at Llama Homestead sells this exotic for 600 gold.

The Chilli Chug Splash

Screengrab via Epic Games

Not an exotic weapon, but the Chilli Chug Splash has to be the best exotic item in Fortnite. It provides 20 health to the player and grants a speed boost that is handy in combat and when escaping a heated build battle.

North of Greasy Grove, Guaco sells these exotic meds at his Tacos restaurant, standing near the counter. They cost 210 gold per stack of three.