NBA 2K22 is out, and millions of fans have made the switch to the latest title to start their journey from scratch. The adventure from being a college rookie to an NBA superstar can be a long one, and you’ll have enough time to experiment with different styles.

Regardless of your in-game position, dribbling will be key to maintaining your dominance throughout the court. Bamboozling defenders with quick moves can let you score shots you wouldn’t otherwise since the chance of you making a shot will decrease if an annoying defender is poking at you.

When it comes to dribbling moves, you’ll have a couple of viable options to choose from, but some just will feel better than the others. Here are the best dribble moves in NBA 2K22.

Best dribble style – Quick

Most dribble moves feel similar to each other, but Quick seems to have the fastest animations out of all of them, making transitions quite easier.

Steve Nash’s dribbling style can be a close second to Quick. If you feel more comfortable with any of the other dribbling moves, you can still continue using them since personal preference will also be an essential factor to consider while deciding on your dribbling moves.

Best signature size-ups – D. Rose and C. Anthony

Signature size-ups are one of the most crucial dribble moves in the game. You can fake out defenders, which can let you take cleaner shots. Considering signature size-ups use stamina, you’ll need to pick one that’s decent at confusing defenders.

D. Rose and C. Anthony’s signature size-ups feature animations that can confuse defenders and cause them to make mistakes, leaving you open for a clean shot.

Best signature combo – K. Irving

Signature combos are essential while moving with the ball toward the rim. As of now, K. Irving’s signature combo can be considered the perfect all-rounder. His style of keeping the ball close to the ground makes it harder for defenders to steal it, and you can also pull off more sudden movements.

Best size-up escape package – T. Young

Size-up escape packages allow players to make quick moves to the sides, which can help them get a brief but clear angle for a shot. These moves need to be convincing enough to cause defenders to make mistakes, and T. Young has potentially the best one in the game alongside K. Bryant.

T. Young’s size-up escape package covers a lot of ground, and you can quickly find yourself in an open position to either make a decent pass or a clear shot.

Best moving crossover – S. Curry

Choosing a moving crossover will depend on what you’d like to do after you complete the move. If you’re looking to make a jump shot after completing a crossover, then S. Curry will have the perfect set of moves for it.

Players who would like to drive toward the rim while crossing-over can check out G. Antetokounmpo or J. Tatum’s movesets as well.

Best moving behind the back dribble – K. Leonard

Moving the ball behind your back can be the least used dribble move depending on your style. Most players only resort to using this move to protect the ball in dire situations where they’re sure a defender may steal the ball from them.

The main problem with most moving behind-the-back moves is that they’ll reduce your speed once you use them. K. Leonard’s set of moves doesn’t have that effect, however, and you won’t lose your speed once you move the ball behind your back with his moves, making it the clear best choice in this category.

Best moving spins – J. Embiid

If you’re the type of player who prefers driving in, you’ll be using moving spins more than other dribbling moves in the game. Like other dribbling moves, however, a moving spin should also be fast enough to confuse defenders and cause them to make mistakes.

J. Embiid’s moving spin is both fast and convincing, making it hard for defenders to react correctly and letting players have clear shots or dunks.

Best moving hesitation – L. Doncic

Moving hesitations can be a vital part of an offense. Once you hesitate while dribbling, you’ll force the defender to make a decision and anticipate which direction you’re going to take. While it can be seen as a 50 percent chance situation, you can fake out defenders consistently with the right moves.

L. Doncic has one of the better moving hesitation animations in the game, and the fact that he accelerates right after performing it makes it harder for defenders to catch him. K. Durant’s moving hesitation can also be a close second, and whichever you like the best should be a decent fit for your setup.

Best moving stepbacks – C. Paul or K. Irving

Moving stepbacks are often used before attempting jump shots. This means they need to be convincing enough to fake the defender and give you an opening for a clear shot attempt. 

If you’re also in a hurry, you’ll want to be your stepback as fast as possible, and C. Paul’s moving stepback animation is the perfect candidate to do that. When it comes to faking out defenders, however, K. Irving’s moving stepback can be a better pick since it creates more space between a defender before taking a shot.

Once you assemble the perfect setup for your player, you’ll need to practice so you can be comfortable with your new moves in your next match.