Written in partnership with DJ Esports.

DJ Esports has officially partnered with MoonPay. Users can now purchase nearly 10 different types of cryptocurrencies directly on the DJ Esports website. MoonPay also carries the benefit of lower transaction fees and faster processing times, making it the easy option for those looking to jump directly into esports betting.

Instead of needing to directly access your external crypto wallets through extra log-ins and potential security risks, MoonPay allows you to buy crypto through DJ Esports using any fiat currency. This means all you need to get started is a credit or debit card and a DJ Esports crypto wallet to withdraw from. Luckily, many online payment platforms, such as PayPal, have also partnered with MoonPay to support crypto withdrawals for fiat users.

How to buy cryptocurrency on DJ Esports through MoonPay

Purchasing crypto on DJ Esports with MoonPay is a simple process. First, select your wallet in the upper right corner of the screen, then click on MoonPay on the left. Enter your credit or debit card number, your order amount, and the address of your DJ Esports wallet. Once you’re done, just wait for the order to process. You can then immediately start using your coins to place bets on DJ Esports.

If you’re looking to get into esports betting, using MoonPay through DJ Esports is one of the simplest ways to start. In addition to the fast setup and wide variety of unique odds on over 500 matches a day, all crypto holdings on DJ Esports earn around 30 percent annual percentage rate (APR) compounded and paid out daily. This interest can be withdrawn whenever, making any time a good time to get started.

Sign up on DJ Esports today and check out MoonPay to get yourself into the game.