The holiday season is in full swing at this point. While Blizzard has not yet announced details about this year’s Winter Wonderland event, some artists have taken it upon themselves to dress up their favorite Overwatch characters in appropriately-festive outfits.

Artist Cassandra De La Torre created these amazing skins while pursuing a concept art internship at Blizzard. The first is Starlight Chaser D.Va, a red, black, and white outfit that features sparkles for both Hana Song and her mech. The MEKA skin includes festive lights and stars atop its fins and quaint lamp-like details in its fusion cannons. Pilot D.Va’s adjoining outfit has Hana wearing a paperboy cap, a poinsettia flower pin, and a military-style tunic over a red and black skirt. The tunic matches the cuffs of her knee-high socks, and her skirt matches her heeled boots. This skin was the result of several revisions, as De La Torre shows in their explorations piece: They created 12 different versions of the skin before settling on the one seen below.

Image via Cassandra De La Torre

De La Torre also created a holiday skin concept for Mercy. Titled Snow Seraph Mercy, it sees the healer in a fluffy blue coat with matching belts, a black skirt, and her usual golden boots. Her staff is now wooden, with icy crystals at either end that match the ones in her hair. De La Torre included an illustration of what the staff looks like from multiple angles, including the game’s usual first-person perspective. The whole impression is one of snow and cold weather, giving the angelic healer a colder façade.

Image via Cassandra De La Torre

In addition to the Mercy skin concept, De La Torre made several Snow Seraph sprays for Mercy. If these sprays were real, players could choose from a mug of hot cocoa with marshmallows, one of the golden souls that Mercy can see, a present filled with health packs, or a cute image of Snow Seraph Mercy herself.

These skins absolutely look like something out of the real game. We hope you get the job, Cassandra.