Hot on the heels of last week’s Pokémon Legends: Arceus stop-motion animation, The Pokémon Company has released another video in the same style.

The video is called “Hisuian Voltorb is berry sorry.” It’s the conclusion to a two-part series and takes place after part one, which saw the recently-revealed Hisuian Voltorb collect berries with its Pokémon friends before getting too excited and accidentally electrocuting all of the berries. Through the animation, fans got a closer look at Hisuian Voltorb’s design, which mirrors that of the old-world Poké Balls players will be using in Arceus.

In this second video, Voltorb finally gets its happy ending. To make up for frying all the berries in the last video, it collects every remaining berry it can find from the trees for its friends. It gets a Leppa Berry stuck on its head and falls off of a cliff, crashing onto the Pikachu, Spheal, and Buneary below. The group is angry until they realize that Voltorb meant to help them by gathering extra berries. Happy to have fixed things, Voltorb once again discharges its electricity, which thankfully misses the berries this time. Instead, it hits a nearby Bonsly, which crashes into the berries and destroys some of them. The group decides to laugh it off and Voltorb is satisfied.

Even though this is the conclusion of the stop-motion series, fans are hoping that more videos are made in the same style. Many said in the comments that the videos made them actually care about Voltorb, a Pokémon they hadn’t thought twice about before. That’s the power of adorable animation.