Listings for an Overwatch short story collection have appeared on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other websites.

While no official announcement has been made yet, the book is already available to pre-order with an expected release date of Aug. 2, 2022. Like Overwatch Anthology did for the game’s comics, Overwatch: Short Story Collection puts all of the in-universe short stories the Overwatch development team has shared since the game’s release in one printed volume. The book doesn’t include chapter one of the Deadlock Rebels story, however. The volume costs $19.95 and will be 128 pages.

Eagle-eyed fans on Reddit noticed the collection also includes a new short story that seems to be about Reaper. “One former hero must determine whether to assume the mantle of a darker purpose that will change the course of his life forever,” the book’s Amazon description reads, leading many to believe the story will involve Reaper. The book’s cover also appears to have part of Reaper’s mask on it.

Some fans are hoping the story will be released online prior to the print volume’s release, as has happened with all of Overwatch‘s short stories and comics up to this point. Blizzard likes to drop lore and stories with little to no notice, so it’s possible fans will get a quick announcement followed by a release later in 2022. It could also be tied to an in-game event, like Cole Cassidy’s recent comic release and its adjoining event.

Overwatch Short Story Collection releases on Aug. 2, 2022.