It can be annoying to have your stream interrupted by network issues. Few errors have been as widespread as Error 2000 on the Twitch platform.

Error 2000 occurs when a viewer on Twitch loses connection to the stream they were watching. The error message itself doesn’t provide much context, however, only saying that “there was a network error. Please try again.”

Screengrab via Twitch

The first thing you should try when you get this error is right in front of you: Click the red button to try and refresh the video player. If that doesn’t work, you should try refreshing the page. And if that doesn’t work, then consider these steps.

The first thing you should do is see if there are issues outside of your own computer or internet connection. For example, the Amazon Web Services system may be experiencing issues, leading to a huge increase in connection issues for several different games and platforms, including Twitch, Riot Games, EA,, Amazon, and Netflix.

Sites like DownDetector are a great way to determine if the site you’re using is having issues. So if the graph for Twitch looks like the image above, it’s not your fault. Unfortunately, the only solution in that case is to wait for the issues to be resolved.

If there aren’t any issues with Twitch, there could be a problem with your own internet connection or browser. Try clearing out your cache (your browser’s temporary storage/data folder) and then restarting your browser.

If it’s not your browser, then it may be your internet connection. Try disconnecting and re-connecting to your internet, then try turning your router on and off again. You can even try to flush your DNS, which is just like clearing out your internet network’s cache. You should also disable programs like anti-virus or VPNs that could be affecting your connection. If problems persist, then you may have to contact your internet provider.