Not being able to watch your favorite content creator can be frustrating sometimes. But luckily, Twitch has a way for you to troubleshoot any issues you’re having connecting to the platform from home.

Along with keeping a close eye on the official Twitch Support account on Twitter, people can check to see if there are any outages or technical issues on

🔎 We are aware of several issues affecting Twitch services.

Our team is aware and hard at work fixing them – we’ll continue to update you, here.

— Twitch Support (@TwitchSupport) December 15, 2021

The website has a link to the Twitch Support Twitter account and also shows users if there are any portions of the website that are not operational.

There are six listed portions of the website that include Login, Web, Chat, Video (Watching), Video (Broadcasting), and Purchases.

Next to the list, if anything is not working, there will be a notice indicating such. If all systems are a go, you should see a green sign next to each that says “Operational.” Additionally, there will be a check mark at the top of the page that says “All Systems Operational.”

Assuming that you get onto the website after having issues, you can even check back on the status webpage to see a log of previous incidents. This can help you figure out if the issues you were previously having were related to Twitch or perhaps you were having an issue with your computer or internet service provider.

Along with Downdetector, which tracks outages across a vast assortment of online websites, games, and services, there is also a Twitch specific website dedicated to checking server issues called