Some people who are trying to play their Nintendo Switch have been running into error codes including 2306-0501 and 2306-0502, which are codes that relate to when a player is trying to play an online match.

Nintendo notes that these error codes occur when players are disconnected from the service and the error is typically a result of the player’s internet connection.

Possible solutions include restarting your internet, which may resolve any issue with your network, moving the Switch closer to a wireless router, moving metal or electronic objects away from the Switch, or connecting to a different network.

If none of those options work, it could be a situation that’s outside of your control and the only solution to fix the problem is simply to wait.

The error is likely a symptom of a larger problem since there are multiple services that have come to a halt on Dec. 15 due to issues with Amazon Web Services. These errors started popping up this morning and have affected a large variety of services, including Twitch, Facebook, DoorDash, Amazon, Blizzard, VALORANT, and more.

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still experiencing interruptions in service, Nintendo recommends updating your router’s firmware, resetting the router back to its factory default settings, or contacting your router’s manufacturer for more assistance.

While these error codes are normally the result of a dropped internet connection, outages impacting Amazon Web Services or other service interruptions outside of the player’s control are likely the culprit.