One feature from Apex Legends‘ season one that fans have been wanting to see return is evolving or reactive skins, and they haven’t been shy about letting Respawn Entertainment know what they want.

Evolving or reactive skins change as the player reaches certain achievements within battle royale matches, like becoming the kill leader or starting the match as the champion. In season one, Respawn introduced evolving weapon skins that changed form as players got more kills during matches. They’re hard to get, as they were often locked behind the very end of a battle pass, and they’ve become some of the most desired skins in the game.

Though Respawn has yet to introduce evolving armor or character skins, one Reddit user created a mockup of what such a thing would look like on Wraith’s base skin. The idea is that a character’s outfit color would actually change based on the level of shield they have. For example, if they have a purple skin equipped, their player-facing skin would actually look purple. Some commenters suggested that kill leaders and champions should also get their own uniquely colored armor when they achieve those statuses, though it seems as though this would make those players even more of a target than they already are in the usual matches.

So far, Respawn hasn’t announced any intent to bring back evolving weapon skins or introduce evolving armor and character skins, but players will continue to dream regardless.