Famous streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren was left off of the 2021 Twitch recaps to the surprise of many fans, even though he was one of the most popular faces of the Amazon-owned streaming platform until he signed an exclusive contract with YouTube Gaming at the end of November.

Ludwig himself was disappointed with Twitch’s decision to remove him from this year’s recaps. “I’m bummed that I was completely removed from the Twitch recap,” he tweeted yesterday. “Although I understand it from a business perspective it’s still sad to be erased from so many people’s year.”

Since then, Ludwig has been consoled by many fellow streamers, including Disguised Toast. The Offline TV member returned to Twitch in late November after spending the last two years of his career on Facebook Gaming.

Toast, one of the most famous streamers on Twitch at the moment, told Ludwig to keep his head up despite the treatment he received.

“Ludwig pushed the boundaries of content on Twitch for all of 2021,” Toast said on Twitter today. “Even though he’s not there anymore, I think he deserved the respect of being in the Twitch recap.”

ludwig pushed the boundaries of content on twitch for all of 2021

even though he’s not there anymore, i think he deserved the respect of being in the twitch recap

keep your head up content king https://t.co/4QlDYZ19xt

— Toast (@DisguisedToast) December 16, 2021

Ludwig made history earlier this year on Twitch. He managed to keep his livestream running nonstop for 31 days after promising that he’d be online for an extra 15 seconds every time a viewer subscribed or donated bits. He gained over 282,000 new subscribers during this historic subathon and saw his follower count grow to over 2.6 million at the time.

There’s no technical explanation for why Twitch didn’t include Ludwig in the recaps but this isn’t the first time the Amazon-owned platform has disrespected one of its former stars. In the past, for example, Twitch used Ninja’s channel to promote other streams after he signed an exclusive deal with Mixer.