It’s the most wonderful time of the year, for Fortnite players that is. Just a few weeks into the launch of Chapter Three, players can already experience the holiday cheer that goes along with the Winterfest 2021 in-game event.

But more importantly, players can start the chain of Winterfest quests, with a new quest becoming available each day beginning on Dec. 16. There appear to be 14 spots for daily Winterfest quests, with bonus goal milestones available after seven and 10 completed tasks.

The first quest, accompanied by a message from Sgt. Winter, requires you to warm yourself at the Yule Log in the Cozy Lodge. Don’t bother checking the map or queueing up for a match, though, because the Cozy Lodge isn’t a location you can access in the new Chapter Three island. It’s in the menus.

Image via Epic Games

Click the Winterfest icon on the top right of the main menu of the battle royale main page. The Cozy Lodge will appear and you can either click on the Lodge itself or the “Visit Lodge” arrow in the bottom right. You’ll find Sgt. Winter sitting inside, enjoying some warm milk in full tactical gear.

Click on Sgt. Winter to zoom in on him, then click the lit logs to the left of him. The “Quest Complete” message will appear when you’re sufficiently warmed.

While you’re in the Lodge, don’t forget to unwrap your daily present.