On the same day Fortnite announced the beginning of its holiday event Winterfest 2021, Epic Games has also revealed that in-game skins for the upcoming movie release Spider-Man: No Way Home will be added to the game soon.

In its official Winterfest announcement post, the team at Epic revealed that player skins for both Spider-Man and MJ from No Way Home will be coming to the Item Shop for Winterfest. They’ll become available starting today, Dec. 16, at 6pm CT.

There are two different versions of the Spider-Man suit available, both of which appear in the upcoming movie release. Each suit also comes with an emote that removes Spider-Man’s mask, showing Peter Parker’s face (using actor Tom Holland’s likeness, of course).

The more classic Spider-Man suit is also available as a reward in the Chapter Three, season one battle pass. That suit is available on page nine of the pass, meaning players will have to reach level 80 to unlock it and also unlock all the other rewards on that page, including Spider-Man’s backpack.

Players can get the Symbiote Spider-Man suit on page 10 of the battle pass, which requires level 90 to reach. Players will also have to unlock all the other rewards on that page, including a “Web-Chute” glider and the Webslinger weapon wrap.

You can head over to the Fortnite in-game item shop today at 6pm CT to purchase the new No Way Home skins.