Whether it was Riot Games’ virtual music group K/DA or popular celebrities showing support for esports teams, the K-pop world and League of Legends universe have crossed paths many times before. But now, another big-name singer in Korea has showed her enthusiasm for the globally acclaimed title.

Fans of K-pop star SUNMI enjoyed a new look for the 29-year-old as she performed “TAIL” at the 2021 KBS Song Festival on Dec. 17. The kicker? She was dressed in a perfect cosplay of one of League‘s most recognizable champions, Jinx.

Runeterra’s favorite Loose Cannon has picked up in worldwide recognition due to her main role in Riot’s most recent hit animated Netflix series, Arcane. Over the course of nine episodes, the show became one of the most watched series on the platform and even swooped in with IMDb’s highest rating for a Netflix original series.

SUNMI’s music video starts off in black and white so viewers don’t recognize who she’s dressed as. But after a few moments, the performance comes back in full color to appreciate her outfit. Her cosplay was spot on, complete with Jinx’s signature blue braids, purple and black clothes, and cut-off gloves. The stage was also incredible, set up with green screens that changed the environment around her and her talented backup dancers.

This performance isn’t the first time SUNMI has shown support for something related to League. In July 2020, she posted a picture on her Instagram wearing a DWG KIA jersey as she proclaimed her support for LCK superstar, ShowMaker. Maybe her support was essential after all, since ShowMaker would eventually win the 2020 World Championship.

ShowMaker and Sunmi eventually met this past January, much to the surprise of the 21-year-old mid laner phenom. In the video, she taught him how to take a proper picture for social media and even had an impromptu photoshoot. As thanks, ShowMaker gifted her a custom DWG KIA jersey with her name on the back.