When an enemy pursuer is hot on your heels in League of Legends, sometimes the only available option is to book it and do everything in your power to simply run faster than them. One League player managed to outsprint a charging Malphite through the clever use of their own abilities.

In a clip posted to Reddit earlier today, a League player who was playing Ornn was face-to-face with an enemy Malphite. The Ornn player had been attempting to recall but was stopped by the Malphite’s overwhelming presence in the mid lane. When the Ornn player started to run back toward their mid lane tower, the Malphite began to follow in hot pursuit. 

Eventually, the Malphite player made a desperate attempt to catch up to the Ornn player by casting Unstoppable Force (R) but came just short of their target. The Ornn player, who had been running away from the Malphite at full speed, happened to cast Searing Charge (E) at the exact same time the Malphite player cast their ultimate. 

The Ornn player’s charge put them just out of range of Malphite’s ultimate, giving them enough space to get in range of their teammates and disengage from the teamfight. With no more gap closing abilities at their disposal, the Malphite player walked back to their own team in an effort to distance themselves from the now-safe Ornn player and their teammates.

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