Halo Infinite has a large arsenal that players can use to destroy their enemies. Weapons range from standard pistols to powerful sniper rifles that can kill enemies with a single bullet. Although using different weapons can maintain a fun and fresh experience, players should avoid some guns at all costs. 

We’ve created a Halo Infinite weapon tier list to help you understand which guns you should always grab and which ones should stay on the wall. The weapons within each tier are not in any specific order and are generally as effective as the other options in their tier. S Tier contains the best weapons around, while D Tier weapons almost guarantee your demise. 

S tier

BR75 Battle Rifle

The BR75 Battle Rifle is one of the most well-rounded weapons in Halo Infinite. This gun can eliminate enemies in four bursts if you hit all of your shots and is deadly in the right hands. Ranked players will be familiar with this weapon since it’s the starting rifle in each game. But don’t let this discourage you from keeping it in your inventory: it’s arguably better than a few power weapons. 


The M41 SPNKR can turn the course of a game with its explosive power. Every team should secure this weapon each time it spawns since it guarantees at least two free kills if you land your shots. It does have a slow reload time, but this is a small price to pay when you can kill multiple enemies at once. 

S7 Sniper Rifle

If you’re confident in your accuracy and feel like you can pick off enemies from a distance, the S7 Sniper Rifle is for you. This powerful weapon can kill an enemy with a single headshot, even with full shields. A body shot also instantly removes shields, leaving the player vulnerable and squishy. The only downside to the rifle is the small amount of ammo it comes with, so make your shots count. 

A tier

CQS48 Bulldog

The CQS48 Bulldog is an absolute nightmare for enemies in close-range fights. This weapon can eliminate enemies in three shots and outguns almost every other weapon at this range. It does struggle in mid to long-range battles, so avoid engaging the enemy at a distance when you have the Bulldog equipped. 


The Mangler is a massive revolver that packs a mighty punch. This gun can kill enemies in three or four shots and is relatively accurate, but it comes with a couple of downsides. You only have eight shots before you have to reload, and the gun has bullet drop at longer ranges. Still, this is an excellent weapon that you should grab any chance you get. 


Veteran Halo players will be familiar with the MA40 AR since it was originally the starting weapon in multiplayer. The latest iteration of this gun deals damage quickly and is relatively easy to control. This is still the starting weapon in quickplay matches, so you’ll likely get comfortable with it. It’s also an excellent backup to the Battle Rifle in ranked matches if you can find it around the map. 

Energy Sword

The Energy Sword is one of the most iconic weapons in the Halo series and has made a triumphant return. This weapon can cut through Spartans with ease and is perfect for aggressive players. The only reason the Energy Sword didn’t make it into the S Tier is that it requires you to get up close and personal to enemies, which is not always possible. 


The Cindershot fires bouncing grenades that can deal massive damage to several enemies at once. Players can also use the ADS mode to guide the grenades as they’re launched, providing a more controlled method of destruction. This weapon isn’t as great as the SPNKR, but it can still take out a few enemies with ease. 

B tier

M50 Sidekick

In most games, pistols are lackluster and overshadowed by primary weapons. The M50 Sidekick is not in the same boat and can hang with the best. This powerful handgun delivers a considerable amount of damage and is excellent for chipping away at shields from a distance. It typically won’t win a fight against a rifle or better weapon, but it’s a great choice in a pinch or when finishing off enemies. 

Gravity Hammer

The Gravity Hammer is a massive melee weapon that can kill multiple enemies in a single hit. The downside is that it has a significant delay while swinging it. The hammer is also useless outside of melee range, so you should always have a backup in case the enemy engages from a distance. 


The Heatwave is a fun weapon to use, with unique rounds that can bounce off walls to hit enemies. Players can toggle the gun to fire horizontally or vertically depending on the situation, and this shotgun-like weapon can tear through armor quickly. This gun can take a bit of practice to master, but don’t be afraid to pick it up in your next match. 


The Needler is another iconic weapon Halo fans will encounter in Halo Infinite. The homing needles track enemies at close ranges and instantly kill them if enough needles hit them. This makes the Needler incredible at close ranges, but its usefulness almost completely drops off at a distance. Keep the Needler in your back pocket for close-quarter fights, but use a different weapon at longer ranges. 

Shock Rifle

The Shock Rifle can kill enemies with a single headshot like the S7 Sniper Rifle, but it lacks the same damage output for body shots. Players that can consistently land headshots should always grab this weapon. Just make sure to aim for the head since it takes a few shots to the body with the Shock Rifle to deliver considerable damage. 

C tier


The Skewer can kill enemies with a single shot, but that means you actually have to land the shot. This massive weapon only has one round per magazine and a significant reload time, meaning you’re out of luck if you miss. This gun is great in game modes like Big Team battle since it can destroy vehicles, but don’t expect it to excel against enemies on foot. 

VK78 Commando

The VK78 Commando delivers significant damage per round, but its recoil makes it tough to control after a few shots. This makes it a terrible choice at close ranges, and there are better options for long-range engagements. Consider the Commando as a decent option for a secondary weapon in ranked, but avoid relying on it to win fights. 


The Hydra is a rocket launcher with rockets that can lock onto targets but is still somehow one of the most underwhelming weapons in Infinite. Its low damage output requires players to hit enemies multiple times, and its slow reload speed leaves you vulnerable. If you play casual modes with lots of vehicles, feel free to grab this weapon, but avoid it if you’re in a strictly PVP match. 

Sentinel Beam

The Sentinel Beam is a decent weapon that can take down shields if you can continuously track enemies. But this can be tough to do in an intense gunfight, especially against multiple opponents. Consider this a backup weapon that can help a teammate gain the upper hand in a fight or as a last-ditch option. 

Stalker Rifle

The Stalker Rifle is the weakest long-ranged weapon and can’t compete with the S7 Sniper Rifle or Shock Rifle. It does have a faster firing rate and can help chip away at shields from a distance, but you probably won’t kill an enemy with it alone. 


The Disruptor is one of the worst pistols in Halo Infinite and should be treated like a sidearm. It can take out shields with a few shots, but the small magazine means you’ll most likely need another weapon to finish the job. This gun should only be kept as a backup if you need to reload or are out of ammo. 


The Ravager is an odd weapon that looks cool but isn’t practical. This gun fires plasma rounds and has a secondary firing option that delivers AOE damage when it lands. This can be good to hold certain areas, but most players can easily avoid the damage. This weapon was very close to being put in the D Tier, but even the Ravager isn’t as bad as those useless guns. 

D tier

Plasma Pistol

The Plasma Pistol in Halo Infinite is a far cry from the previous iterations. You can still charge it to hit enemies with a powerful blast, but good luck hitting your target. The weapon’s standard firing option is also lackluster and will not be doing you any favors in gunfights. Only grab the Plasma Pistol if you need a secondary weapon, and avoid it at all costs if any other option is available. 

Pulse Carbine

The Pulse Carbine has the title of the worst gun in Halo Infinite. This three-round burst rifle fires some of the slowest shots in any video game, making it tough to hit your targets. It does do decent damage if your shots hit, but don’t expect consistency from this weapon. This is one of the few times we recommend going without a weapon instead of picking this up.