Oceania’s best Teamfight Tactics players are battling it out in the second major event in the Gizmos and Gadgets Oceanic Series for a chance to represent their region at the Teamfight Tactics Gizmos and Gadgets World Championship later this year.

The Innovator Cup will take place over two days of long, sweaty competition, from Dec. 18 to Dec. 19, and features big-name competitors like last set’s champion and prominent TFT streamer Escha.

At the end of the weekend, the top eight players will join the eight players qualified from the Arcanist Cup and progress directly to the Mid-Set Invitational, an important event that can solidify a player’s spot at the Regional Finals—the biggest TFT stage the region has to offer.

Image via ORDER & OCETFT.

The first day of play saw six games decide the top 32 players that will advance to the final few lobbies. The point scoring system is as follows:

  • First: 10 points
  • Second: 8 points
  • Third: 7 points
  • Fourth: 6 points
  • Fifth: 4 points
  • Sixth: 3 points
  • Seventh: 2 points
  • Eighth: 1 point

Day one, Dec. 18

With the soaring popularity of Teamfight Tactics, the Innovator Cup saw the largest total amount of entrants it’s ever seen. It was a long day of ruthless competition that saw 273 players whittled down to just 32 over the course of a few hours.

The meta on the current patch is quite diverse, allowing players to flex their game knowledge in the mid-game by pivoting between many different compositions and letting the concept of “strongest board” carry them past the weaker opposition in the tournament.

Enchanter boards featuring a strong Jhin carry likely ended up being the composition with the highest power ceiling, making it a nigh impossible board to beat in the final rounds. Confident players like Banter used Jhin to help them finish with a consistently impressive array of scores.

Banter was the top player on day one, finishing with a remarkable scoreline of first, third, second, third first, first, putting them well above their competition on the day. Banter played many different compositions over the course of the six rounds, but he played with the same items in most games, like Runaan’s Hurricane and Last Whisper. This provided him with a more safe way to pivot between carries like Yone, Samira, and Jhin, who can all be played from a similar opening board.

Here is the full list of 32 players that made their way through day one of the TFT Oceania Innovator Cup:

  • Banter
  • zanlo
  • Ardeo
  • Kazu
  • AUYEA JokicMVP
  • CosmicSloths
  • Cheesezi
  • Perfect Slumbers
  • Kr3amy
  • yee
  • Legendkee
  • Asexualpanda
  • Claire
  • Sleepy
  • harrymiya
  • Chikane Himemiya
  • ssjfirzen
  • Fortune Chosen
  • Hock
  • TTV JDahni
  • TT1T
  • J3ng
  • Evolvent
  • escha
  • Squink
  • 2pack of ciggs
  • S3RG
  • 3uphonium
  • Shiinsetsu
  • fread
  • RPNT
Image via ORDER & OCETFT.

This article will be updated with the full list of results once the tournament is completed.