Fortnite Chapter Three introduced the new sliding mechanic in the game. Sliding allows players to travel faster down ledges and maintain accuracy while shooting. Players didn’t consider the terrain in the game much outside of the building structures, but the addition of an extra permanent layer to mobility brings a new dimension to Fortnite.

Players can use the slide function any time in the game by running in a particular direction and pressing the crouch button. Here are the default bindings on each platform: 

  • PC: Left Ctrl
  • Xbox: Pressing Right Analog Stick
  • Switch: Pressing Right Analog Stick
  • Playstation: Pressing Right Analog Stick

Sliding uses the same binding as crouching, so there’s no way to assign a new button to slide. Players can change their crouching controls, however, which will also reassign the binding for sliding.

Players can use the sliding mechanic to their advantage by sliding over the cliffs to drop down from a mountain without taking fall damage. They can also evade gunfire by sliding and using weapons to damage the enemies while being hard to target. They can use sliding in specific high-to-low areas to gain momentum and run away from the storm. Players shouldn’t use it to gain speed on a flat surface, though, since running is far more efficient in those cases.

Players have also started to incorporate sliding in build battles. They either can quickly leave the battle by sliding down or moving from one cover to another while being hard to target. 

Considering how recent Chapter Three is, players should expect to see more practical usage of the sliding mechanic in Fornite as fans improve their techniques.