A group of Apex Legends fans collaborated on an adorable “guide to Holo-Day cheer” for players.

Mirage’s Guide to Holo-Day Cheer, which is a free 54-page downloadable PDF, is filled to the brim with art, writing, cosplay, printables, and other activities for fans to enjoy during the holidays. Moderators Nighte and Yams put the project together themselves with help from a variety of others in the Apex fan community.

The book opens with lots of festive art featuring all of the legends, including the newest legend Ash. There are also comics, cosplay photos, and one really impressive rhyming poem by author Hectrex. The next section features a huge variety of activities, including word searches, printable postcards and ornaments, coloring pages, bookmarks, and a game of “find the Nessie.” Some of the activities are more involved, like instructions on how to make a cuff with Nordic runes using a leather strap and an X-Acto knife. There’s something for everyone in the book—and it helps that it’s 100 percent free.

The guide garnered a lot of attention on Twitter and even received a mention from Alex Frostwolf, the global social media lead for Apex. Mirage’s Guide to Holo-Day Cheer is a great example of what Apex’s fan community can do and the positive group aspects of fandom. It’s also a great way to celebrate if you’ve been feeling the absence of this year’s in-game Holo-Day event, which was partially replaced by the Raiders event.