While the biggest VALORANT competitions in the world are still on hold until the new year, it’s always time to window-shop for new skins. And thanks to the creative minds on the internet, even when there’s no new skins in the actual shop, there’s usually a few ideas and designs to dream of making it to the game one day. Take this appropriately icy skin collection, for example.

Reddit user C_047 created the Cryo Collection concept, describing it as “military grade technology to harness and weaponize the element of ice.” The clear star of the show is the knife skin, which features two tiers: brass knuckles with an icy aura for the first tier and full knives extending from the brass knuckles in the second. The dual-wield brass knuckle knives are clearly unique from any other knife released in the game to date and could offer some fun alternate animations for characters to punch with their melee as opposed to slashing with the knife.

The collection concept also includes skins for Sheriff, Spectre, Phantom, and Operator. All of these guns feature the same gunmetal grey and black color schemes alongside glowing, icy blue accents. The variant color shifts the color of the ice elements slightly and gives the Sheriff a white and brown makeover. On the whole, the set looks great, rife with the type of near-future elements VALORANT already packs into the game. The Operator, in particular, gives off a distinct Borderlands vibe, and the Phantom shows off a muzzle flash concept complete with ice and snow bursting from the muzzle of the gun.

All in all, this concept collection shows off a winter flair not seen from VALORANT since the Winter Wonderland bundle, and it looks like it would fit right in among the current store offerings.