Ruined King: A League of Legends Story allows players to fully immerse themselves in the world of Runeterra, transporting them to Bilgewater and setting sail for the Shadow Isles. Riot Forge has been very careful to plan every detail of the game’s lore, adding mentions and Easter eggs from other Riot Games’ titles.

Here are all the Easter eggs we found inside Ruined King.

All champions mentioned in Ruined King

In addition to the protagonists of the story and those champions present and visible in the game, Riot also added many mentions of League champions in the discussions that can be heard on the streets of Bilgewater, in conversations between the protagonist champions, and in the newspapers that can be found around. Beside the 12 League champions that players can easily find or face in the game, we have found 15 clear references to as many champions. Among those, we have found mentions of Fizz, Zed, Nautilus, Elise, Kalista, and Fiddlesticks. You can check all the other League champions we have found in Ruined King in the images below here. 

All League items mentioned in Ruined King

Another crucial part of the journey to defeat the Ruined King is the items equipped on your champions. In Ruined King there are four categories besides the one supporting the weapon held by the champions: Armor, Ring, Neck, Trinket. And for each category there are several items of various levels that players can equip on their champions in the game. Some of these are reminiscences of past and present items in League, like Doran’s Ring, the Deadman Plate, and Yomuu’s Ghostblade. You can check all the other League items we have found in the Ruined King game in the images below here. 

All League jungle camps mentioned in Ruined King

In Ruined King, when champions have their health bar depleted, the best way to recover is to rest at designated Resting Points that can be found around the map. Among the actions players can take when at the Resting Points, there is the “Eat Meal and Rest” option, which gives players the opportunity to restore their champions with boost-giving dishes. And yes, you can make Yasuo or Miss Fortune eat Murk Wolf’s meat. There are various mentions to League jungle camps throughout the Ruined King game, here are all the references we found. 

All Runeterra’s regions hinted in Ruined King

The Ruined King game is set in Bilgewater and on the Shadow Isles, but these are just two of the regions of Runeterra. The vast world players have known since League came out includes more than 10 regions, and some of them are hinted or mentioned in items, food, and beverages in Ruined King. Beside Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles, here are all the mentions of other Runeterra regions in the game. 

Events, Legends of Runeterra cards, and other Riot games mentioned in Ruined King

In an ever-expanding universe such as the one created by Riot, it is easy to miss some hidden details or special quotes. Also because not only League is part of this universe, but over the years there have been additions such as the Tellstones board game and the Legends of Runeterra card game. In fact, both games are mentioned in Ruined King, the former in the notes of Miss Fortune and the latter through appearances of some characters in the cards. Below you can find all the mentions of these two games we found in Ruined King

Ruined King is the first of its kind, but Riot has already announced it’s not going to be the last. We can continue exploring Bilgewater and the Shadow Isles until we wait to explore new lands and uncover more Easter eggs with these future games.