There’s something about intentionally upping the degree of difficulty on a shot that makes it far more satisfying in the end. Apex Legends affords players plenty of ways to do this if they so choose. This Kraber shot, however, takes things to a different level.

Reddit user kaikuhs posted a trick shot—which won the player a game—filled with so many extra actions it’s actually a bit difficult to catch all the things happening.

First, after peppering the last enemy in the game with a little damage from an L-STAR, kaikuhs hits an Octane jump pad. While in the air, they pull out a heat shield. Then, they cancel the heat shield and start popping a shield battery. They soon cancel the shield battery, however, pulling the heat shield back out and cancelling it again in favor of the shield battery. Still flying through the air into the ring, they then cancel the battery another time, pulling out Gibraltar’s ultimate, before finally pulling the L-STAR back out, switching to the Kraber, and hitting a no-scope headshot from an ungodly distance to win the game, just before falling off the map.

As if all that wasn’t enough, they were also getting hit by the enemy player and taking high-level ring damage, as well as jumping to a spot off the map. If they didn’t hit that Kraber shot, they would either be dead to the very next bullet that hits them or the very next tick of ring damage, or just dead from falling off the map—whichever one came first.

It’s safe to say this is the most high-stakes way to get a win in an unranked match. Now get ready for the stream of random teammates in solo queue throwing games away while trying to pull off this feat.