VALORANT weapon skins are one of the best ways to customize your experience in the game since they add a unique look to your loadout. Every weapon has several skins that make it easy for almost any player to find a skin that fits their aesthetic. One of the most exciting weapons to customize in VALORANT is the melee weapon, and players are consistently getting new options for knives.

Several new knives and melee weapons were added to VALORANT in 2021, ranging from League of Legends-inspired weapons to more realistic options like a butterfly knife. But some of the new knife skins stood out among the rest, and players should consider picking them up if they appear in their store. Here are the best VALORANT knife skins from 2021.

Prime 2.0 – Karambit: 3,550 VP

Image via Riot Games

The Prime 2.0 Karambit was featured in the second iteration of the Prime skins and introduced a karambit-style knife to VALORANT. Fans of CS:GO were excited to see one of the most iconic styles of knives appear in a new game, complete with a unique spinning animation.

Fans previously received the Prime Axe in the first Prime bundle, which pales in comparison to the beauty of this knife. This “hypercar”-inspired bundle is one of the best releases of 2021, and the Karambit is worth buying if it appears in your store. Just don’t get too distracted by spinning it around as your run around the map.

Ruination – Broken Blade of The Ruined King: 4,350 VP

Image via Riot Games

The Ruination bundle gave VALORANT players a taste of League of Legends, specifically the Ruination magical catastrophe. The bundle also includes the Blade of the Ruined King, Viego’s iconic weapon from League.

The Blade of the Ruined King’s base version is a broken sword with a jagged edge. But the upgraded version adds a complete version of the sword that can be upgraded into different colors. This spooky weapon is perfect for fans looking for an eye-catching skin or a League player looking to represent the game in VALORANT.

Recon – Butterfly Knife: 3,550 VP

Screenshot via Riot Games

The Recon skin bundle added a realistic look to several weapons that are a stark contrast from other available skins. But this is the perfect option for fans looking for a realistic look for their loadout, and the Recon Butterfly Knife skin is a perfect addition to any collection. The butterfly knife is another style that previously appeared in CS:GO and another popular one that fans were excited to see.

This knife has a unique animation when equipped, and players can run around spinning it to their heart’s desire. While the rest of the bundle might seem underwhelming, this gem should be an instant if you’re lucky enough to get it in your store rotation.

VALORANT Go! Vol.3 – Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb: 3,550 VP

Image via Riot Games

Yoru’s Stylish Butterfly Comb is a unique skin that replaces the default knife with Yoru’s comb. Despite being an object that’s relatively harmless, this cool skin can still kill unsuspecting players with a sneaky stab in the back.

Yoru is in much need of a buff or rework since he pales in comparison to other Duelists. Players who want to use the character but don’t want to be at a disadvantage can buy this skin instead to look cool without being a detriment.

RGX 11z – Pro Blade: 4,350 VP

Image via Riot Games

The RGX 11z Pro Blade is almost two skins in one; it transforms into a full-sized katana when upgraded. Players can enjoy the compact blade or upgrade it into a terrifying weapon that can drive fear into almost anyone. The skin also has multiple color schemes, meaning players can find the perfect color to match their style.

This skin line was meant to represent high-end computers that many VALORANT players have, complete with RGB lighting and translucent pieces to show the inner workings of the weapons. This knife is an excellent way to feel like you have the latest high-end rig without spending a fortune.

Radiant Crisis 001 – Baseball Bat: 2,550 VP

Image via Riot Games

The Radiant Crisis 001 skin line added a comic book-style skin line to VALORANT, complete with an onomatopoeia finisher. One of the best skins in the bundle is the baseball bat, which is perfect for bonking enemies.

Few things are more satisfying than hitting an enemy over the head with a literal baseball bat. This skin will let you feel like you’re a comic book vigilante as you slay your enemies with a well-placed swing to the head. This skin is also relatively inexpensive for a knife skin, so consider it as an excellent option for your loadout.

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