Winter Veil is upon us, and that means it’s time for holiday-themed Tavern Brawls.

This week in the Tavern, Hearthstone fans can take on Gift Exchange.

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

Great Father Winter is the Azerothian version of Santa Claus. Throughout this Brawl, Great Father Winter will be periodically dropping crates on the battlefield. Each time you smash a crate, you’ll get a gift. You can smash your opponent’s crate as well as your own.

If your side of the field has no crate, one will be delivered at Father Winter’s next available opportunity. Father Winter will not deliver a crate if there is already one on your side of the field. Crates dropped by Father Winter will have no attack and four health.

You’ll want to smash as many crates as possible throughout the Brawl because the gifts they hold give you powerful cards. If you smash your opponent’s crate, the gift you receive will have been intended for them. So if you’re a Priest playing against a Hunter and you smash their crate, you’ll get a Stolen Gift that will be something intended for the Hunter player.

You’ll need to make a deck when first heading into the Brawl, so try to keep the gift mechanic in mind when theory-crafting. One strategy that can be successful is just rolling into the Tavern with a powerful Standard deck. Something like Libram Paladin or Quest Warrior should have no problem netting a few wins, with or without paying attention to the Brawl’s gift mechanic.

Winning this Brawl for the first time will earn you the Winter Veil Treat card back (if you don’t already have it). Otherwise, you’ll get your usual free card pack. You can take on this Brawl for the next seven days.