Mortal Kombat 11 is the latest entry in the popular fighting series where players can battle their friends in gruesome fights to the death. You can play with your friends on your couch like in the old days, or you can challenge them to online matches. Players looking for an extra challenge can also take on random opponents online. 

While MK11’s online option is an exciting mode, server issues can sometimes ruin the fun by preventing you from connecting to matches. These issues are usually resolved within a few hours but are still frustrating, especially if you aren’t aware of the problem. The good news is checking the MK11 server status is simple, and you can keep tabs on the server issues at a glance. 

Your first stop should be the Mortal Kombat Twitter account. This account will post any significant issues impacting the game alongside other notable announcements fans will appreciate. If you have trouble connecting to the servers, check here first to see if it is a widespread issue. 

Players can also check the WB Games Support Twitter account, which reports issues impacting WB games, including MK11. Fans can contact this account to report problems in MK11 and get in touch with an agent that can help resolve problems. 

The final place you check to see if the MK11 servers are down is Down Detector. This third-party website tracks user reports, and a chart will help you quickly identify when players have experienced issues in the last 24 hours. An outage map also shows the locations where players are experiencing problems, which can help determine if it is a regional issue. Down Detector is not affiliated with Netherrealm Studios or WB Games, so use your best judgment when using the site.