The battle royale genre has evolved drastically through the years. Most early titles focused on real-world survival elements and tried to stay as realistic as possible, while later participants decided to spice up the formula by adding their own idea into the mix.

Fortnite introduced buildings, while Apex Legends brought respawns, abilities, and fast-paced gameplay. These two are the ones that made it—alongside PUBG, of course—but many other battle royale titles experimented with even wilder ideas.

Super People may have a familiar look, but it offers an exciting gameplay experience with superpowers. The map and the characters look a lot like PUBG, meaning the getting used to period once you pick up the game may not be that long if you have prior experience in PUBG. The only challenge can be adjusting your sensitivity settings, since they can be different in every shooter game.

Luckily for players, sensitivity converters help them find out the ideal settings for the game they’d like to try based on their layouts in other titles. Considering Super People is a recent title, not many sensitivity converters have it listed as an option. is one of the converters that feature Super People, and players can use the converter by entering their sensitivity settings in another game that they’re playing.

Other converters like GamingSmart and SensitivityConverter could start featuring Super People in the upcoming months. 

While these converters try their best to provide you with the best sensitivity layouts, the results will vary based on the game you’re transitioning from. One of the best ways to find the perfect sensitivity layout is to enter the game’s practice mode and try all the different configurations. Feeling out all the different sensitivity settings will allow you to choose the best configuration for your playstyle. If you are switching from a first-person shooter, you may prefer a slower set of sensitivity settings, or the opposite if you are switching from a more hectic game.