Epic Games is giving one game for free each day to celebrate the festive Christmas mood, and today, players were surprised with an old title coming back. Remedy Entertainment’s Control is available for free on the platform until 11am CT on Dec. 27. The company also developed other popular titles like Max Payne, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, and Alan Wake.

The single-player action/adventure game puts the player into the shoes of female protagonist Jesse Faden, who looks to unravel the mysteries of the Federal Bureau of Control. She faces several unknown threats and has to work towards uprooting the corruption in the institution.

In 2019, Control won the Game Award for Best Art Direction and BAFTA Games Award for Performer in a Supporting Role and was nominated for several other awards.

The game’s environment has an intriguing look, and it feels genuinely scary to explore the ever-evolving corners of the world. The boss fights feel challenging, and there is a steep learning curve to master the game. Players can spend hours experimenting to come up with new strategies, and the puzzles are satisfying to solve, even if they can sometimes be tricky.

Image via Remedy Entertainment

Jesse’s supernatural powers are fun to use, and players have an energy bar to go with the character. The character’s primary ability allows to levitate random objects, even bodies, and throw them at the enemy to deal damage. This mechanic alone makes the gameplay super interesting. The game asks the player to explore the environment and use it to their advantage.

If the players find the game to their type, there are two paid DLCs available from the Epic Games Store. Control previously appeared for free on the Epic Games Store, and if you couldn’t get your hands on this game back then, now is your chance to claim it and keep it forever.