While reacting to Master Chef on stream, popular Twitch streamer Hasan dropped a hefty $10,000 donation to former contestant Corley Christine’s GoFundMe. Raising money for medical bills, Christine was diagnosed with cirrhosis, an end-stage liver disease.

Master Chef has provided Twitch streamers with endless hours of content for their streams. The top of Twitch, including Hasanabi, xQc, Trainwrecks, and more, all have reacted to Master Chef and related shows at one point or another.

In the middle of watching the show, a viewer in Hasan’s chatroom linked Christine’s GoFundMe page. A favorite from season two of Master Chef, Hasan read the heart-wrenching description to his audience of over 30,000 viewers. Shortly after reading, the Twitch streamer dropped a $10,000 donation for Christine’s medical expenses.

At $15,000 roughly before donation, Hasan pushed Christine’s GoFundMe to within $4,000 of her goal. Since Hasan’s initial contribution, community members have flooded Christine’s campaign with support. With over 300 donations just within hours of the campaign’s stream appearance, Christine has now raised $31,794.

On Twitter, Christine acknowledged and thanked Hasan’s large community for the explosion in donations to her page. Originally given a dire diagnosis with only six months to a year to live, the support spearheaded by Hasan can at least tackle the chef’s extensive medical bills.