Popular Twitch streamer xQc was quick to roast the 2021 VALORANT Champions skin line earlier this month, though he ended up purchasing the $50 knife thanks to an accidental misclick.

Before the end of VALORANT Champions, Riot Games released an accompanying skin bundle with cosmetics for the Vandal and the knife. The company boasted it made $15 million to fund the prize pool of the event. With a special visual effect for top fragging and finishing matches, the skins were valued at a particularly high price point.

While in queue, xQc browsed the shop option and remarked on the price point of the new items. “5.3 thousand? Who the fuck would buy this shit?” After only seconds of mindlessly clicking around, it turned out xQc was someone who would buy this bundle.

In disbelief that he bought the knife that he was roasting, the French-Canadian streamer exclaimed “Ahh! I just bought it!” Though to his dismay, Poke and the other streamers playing alongside xQc certainly found humor in the situation, claiming now he had to top frag in the upcoming game to get the visual effect. Though the $50 unexpected purchase certainly did not make the popular streamer go bankrupt, xQc is the unwilling owner of the exclusive VCT knife.

VALORANT has routinely added new skins and bundles to the game over its relatively young history. Though often criticized for the shop’s high prices, the VALORANT playerbase showed little compunction in continuing to buy bundles in masses.