Popular LEC caster Andrew “Vedius” Day has released a hip-hop track centered around the notorious League of Legends champion Yasuo. This 2:48-minute song that features the Welsh esports personality is available to watch and listen to on YouTube.

Vedius is no stranger to rapping. He’s been a near-constant participant in the LEC’s Mediocre Rap Battle series. Most recently dropping an Arcane-themed rap battle alongside fellow caster Drakos, Vedius has moved on to producing his own music content. In his video description, Vedius even wrote that “having watched so many Anime raps over the years and having worked on the Medicore Rap Battles with the LEC, I wanted to try my hand at making something myself.”

Written, produced, and performed by Vedius himself, the LEC caster also credits Mondaymood for the beat, Elicast & Effaenrys for creating the lyric video, the mix to Joscha Baltes, and gave a special thanks to fellow LEC caster Daniel Drakos.

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The rap song pulls both from Yasuo’s in-game lore, referencing his alleged crimes and outcast status, as well as his more than notorious reputation in the actual game of League. Released in December 2013, Yasuo has maintained his spot as one of the most popular picks in the game across countless seasons and metas.

Rap music has had a long history in League. From the community cypher that took place between streamers and pros back in 2012 to its integration into Arcane, Vedius’ first solo project is the latest addition to the scene’s growing music collection.