Halo Infinite’s battle pass is an excellent way for players to earn dozens of cosmetic items and other free content as they enjoy the game. Players must complete daily and weekly challenges to progress their pass and each challenge requires players to complete specific objectives. Challenges range from playing certain game modes to getting kills with specific weapons, ensuring players will enjoy multiple modes as they finish their tasks. 

Some players will grind through the challenges quickly, while others will need all of the allotted time to complete them. The good news is that every player has the same amount of time to complete their daily and weekly challenges, and the challenges always reset at the same time. 

Daily challenges in Halo Infinite reset each day at 11am CT, meaning you have 24 hours to complete all of these tasks before they reset. Weekly challenges reset every Tuesday at 11am CT, giving players precisely one week to complete all challenges. 

Knowing when challenges reset in Halo Infinite is a great way to ensure you’re efficiently grinding through the tasks. All progress for current challenges will be lost when they reset, so make sure you complete any challenges you’re almost done with before it’s too late.

Don’t panic if you don’t finish all of your challenges each week, though. There’s a fresh batch every week for you to tackle. Completing challenges is the only way to level up your battle pass, so make sure you consistently check which challenges are available.