YouTuber A Wild Udyr released a video featuring his originally created Dr. Mundo skin in the style of popular League of Legends streamer and weightlifter Tyler1. This community-made Dr. Mundo skin is now available to download.

The Tyler1 skin pays homage to the popular streamer both in appearance and through the character’s revamped abilities. For starters, this new iteration of Dr. Mundo is adorned in Tyler1’s signature merch, including his “Winnable” muscle tank top.

For this fan-made skin, Mundo’s Infected Bonesaw ability features a hefty weight. Recently breaking his personal record by lifting a 550-pound weight, the face of League on Twitch is almost just as well known for his lifting prowess. Another one of Dr. Mundo’s active abilities, Heart Zapper, features the playable champion taking Tyler1’s signature “Blood Rush” pre-workout.

Despite now being one of the largest streamers on Twitch for Riot Games’ MOBA, Tyler1 notably was banned from League for nearly three years. Since being unbanned, Tyler1 has attended All-Stars, competed on the LCS stage in a showmatch, and even been signed by the historic T1 organization.

Tyler1 streams on Twitch to his audience of 4.7 million followers. Over the past year, Tyler1 has ventured outside of his longtime role in the bottom lane to reach the Challenger rank in multiple other positions. This fan-made skin looks to commemorate one of the most prolific figures in League.

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