A VALORANT player used Omen’s smoke to their advantage to quickly eliminate four unsuspecting opponents. 

A well-placed smoke in VALORANT can quickly turn the tides of a round. Players can’t see through the smoke and risk becoming an easy kill if they push through the obstacle. Smoke can help protect a site or area, and a smart controller player can control the tempo of a round. Smokes also serve as an excellent hiding spot if you can catch enemies off guard as they push through the obstruction.

VALORANT player Mervuss posted a short clip of them using Omen’s smoke as the perfect hiding spot to lure four enemies to their deaths. They threw a smoke at B main on Split, preventing the attackers from seeing into the site. The enemy Breach used their ultimate to clear the area, which is typically an excellent way to enter a site. But they didn’t expect the Omen player in the smoke, waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. 

Mervuss waited for the enemy team to push into the smoke and killed four enemies in less than a second. The attackers were in the process of executing the site, but nothing could save them from a few well-placed shots from a hidden enemy. 

Hiding in a cloud of smoke in VALORANT is an excellent way to secure easy kills on enemies. Just make sure to use this strategy sparingly before players start shooting into smokes to find you.