Many Halo Infinite fans have been patiently waiting for the game’s upcoming co-op campaign, which has yet to release with the main game. But some players have discovered a way to glitch into a limited build of the split-screen co-op mode.

Twitter user Nobleactual discovered the bug, which involves first setting the game’s status to offline. Afterward, connect a second controller and sign in to an Xbox account, but start the campaign up with your original controller. Once the game loads, back out of the campaign, then add the second controller to the fireteam.

This should activate split-screen co-op on Zeta Halo. But as an unofficial glitched version of the mode, it comes with multiple pitfalls as well. First and most importantly, Nobleactual said this has a good chance of breaking your save files. If you’re deep into the story, you’ll want to avoid trying this out.

Another issue that might turn away some players is that the story and aspects of the open world won’t be available for use. The campaign won’t progress while this glitch is active, the various UNSC forward operating bases on the map won’t be usable, and the second player won’t even have a visible HUD. The world’s lighting will also be broken, and if one of the players die, the game will crash and send the users to the main menu.

If you’re fine with all of these problems and just want to slay some Banished with a friend, then you can try it out. But it’s recommended that players simply wait for the co-op to officially release so that you get the full experience as its meant to be. Additionally, there’s no other way to replicate this glitch on PC.