Popular YouTube streamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren is set to become a VTuber for one full stream. This follows a stream with popular VTuber Ironmouse that featured a competition between the pair.

In the latest edition of Ludwig’s running series Bro vs Bro, which pits the gaming prowess of two streamers against each other, Ludwig saw his first loss to Ironmouse. A consequence for whichever streamer lost hung in the balance since either Ludwig would have to become a VTuber for a day or Ironmouse would be forced to play VR Space for an entire stream.

After a nearly four-hour competition that spanned five games, ultimately decided by a coin toss, Ludwig was defeated. Much to the YouTube streamer’s dismay, he must now fulfill his promise by finding a virtual model and streaming for a full day as a VTuber.

VTubers, short for Virtual YouTuber, are online entertainers who display themselves as virtual avatars as opposed to showing their actual faces. Despite its name, VTubers have extended far beyond the realm of YouTube and found incredible success over the last year on Twitch as streamers. Ironmouse is a prime example of this, amassing over 870,000 followers on the platform.

While Ludwig must now conduct one stream as a VTuber, there’s no official date set for the upcoming stream. The process of finding an avatar model and setting up the proper equipment can be time-consuming. No matter what, though, the streaming mogul will now cross over into the VTuber realm for at least one broadcast.