A new year charity tournament is being hosted by Legends of Runeterra content creator Max this weekend and it’s attracted a number of top Americas players in search of the best competitive decks within the new meta. 

Scheduled to take place on Jan. 1 at 12pm CT, the Shmunkeezs’ Jungle Cup charity tournament will feature top Americas players seeking to find the best three LoR tournament decks. The charity event is open to all players for a minor entry fee of $5. All money raised from the Jungle Cup tournament will go toward impoverished children in Lebanon via Save the Children

A number of top LoR players and streamers are participating in the Jungle Cup charity event, including veterans like Team Liquid’s Alanzq, MajiinBae, 4LW, Aikado, and Cephlapod. 

With the release of Magic Misadventures via LoR Patch 2.21, the ranked ladder and tournament meta have been busted wide open. Previous builds like Gangplank/Sejuani are still viable, while Pantheon paired with the Demacia region strives to become an A-tier deck.

Aggro LoR decks are thriving via the ranked ladder, from Ahri/Lulu and various Kennen builds to burn via Yordles or Spiders paired with the Noxus region. Rumble builds are striving to become a solid Midrange choice while Zilean/Ekko might make an appearance. 

Registration is open to all Americas players here. A $2,500 total prize pool is set to be split among the top eight competitors. Those who don’t want to compete can still donate to Save the Children. The main broadcast for the Jungle Cup LoR charity tournament will take place here at 12pm CT, hosted and run by Max.