Very few professional players can seamlessly transition between games. But for FormaL, it’s been all too easy.

The 27-year-old started his competitive esports career in Halo back in 2011. After transitioning to Call of Duty around 2014, he quickly rose to prominence as one of the all-time CoD greats.

He formed one of the all-time greatest CoD duos ever alongside Scump on OpTic, where the two collected a plethora of trophies together, including a world championship title in 2017. After a falling out in 2018, the two reunited in late 2019 ahead of the first CDL season before FormaL retired at the end of season two.

Now, he’s back in Halo. And while he’s still signed to OpTic, he’s stood in for both Spacestation Gaming and Sentinels, driving up his value for any organization to snag him as the HCS 2022 season gets underway.

If you want to play like one of the greats, here’s the controller layout and in-game settings for FormaL.

FormaL’s controller layout

FormaL uses a customized version of the Bumper Jumper layout, with Melee and Fire Weapon switched. Here are his complete button bindings:

  • Fire Weapon – Right Bumper
  • Melee – Right Trigger
  • Grenade – Left Trigger
  • Jump – Left Bumper
  • Zoom – Click Right Stick
  • Sprint – A Button
  • Reload/Interact – B Button
  • Use Equipment – X Button
  • Switch – Y Button
  • Crouch/Slide – Click Left Stick

FormaL uses the SCUF Infinity4PS PRO controller.

FormaL’s settings – FOV, sensitivity, etc.

Here are FormaL’s sensitivity settings for controller in Halo Infinite.

  • Look Acceleration: 4
  • Look Sensitivity (Horizontal): 5
  • Look Sensitivity (Vertical): 5
  • Center Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 5
  • Max Input Threshold (Move Thumbstick): 0
  • Axial Deadzone (Look and Move Thumbstick): 5
  • Max Input Threshold (Look Thumbstick): 5

Like several other pros, including his Sentinels teammates in Snakebite and Frosty, FormaL has significantly lowered his Deadzone value to make his movement and aiming inputs more responsive. Since you’re always moving, you can set Deadzones low and not have to worry about drift.

FormaL uses a 109-degree angle for his Field of View, which is significantly higher than the default setting and also on the high side compared to most other pros. It’s important for any player trying to emulate his FOV settings to know if their computer can handle this before they try it.